Yoga Teachers Who Flaunt Their Ass-ana

ErikaRuiz - Assana

I recently read an article on @ElephantJournal titled “Yoga Teachers: We Must Stop Flaunting Our Ass-ana” that talks about how yogis tend to post really advanced/challenging poses on social media.According to the article, posting these kinds of poses can give others the wrong impression about yoga and make them feel inadequate. As a result, people may get “put off” from trying or diving deeper into their own yoga practice.

I won’t lie. In an Instagram world full of beautiful and skillful “yogalebrities” it’s easy to sometimes feel like you’re the only one that can’t do [insert yoga pose]. I will be the first to say that, time and time again, these pics have been a source of anxiety whenever I post my own on social media. In fact, I generally become super judgy and critical when it comes to choosing what I want to post.I question my alignment, my body, what I should say, and especially how it’ll come across/what message it’ll send out. Many times I just end up not posting anything at all.

Although I agree with the article in that it’s NOT about the pose, and ALL about the journey, I also believe that, at least for me, my work is in letting go of what others might think/feel, as well as feeling the freedom to celebrate even my smallest wins. Most importantly, it’s in learning to accept the fact that my wins may look very different to another person’s wins. As @yogalovely said, we must never compare “our chapter 1 to another person’s chapter 20. Only YOU know your journey: Where you’ve been, and how far you’ve come, how hard you’ve worked, + all that it’s taken to get to where you’re now.” As a yoga teacher, my work is in helping my students understand that yoga wins come through hard work and daily practice, as well as countless fails, while offering them a class that gives them a platform for uplevels and an opportunity to safely move outside of their comfort zone and into their edge. Ultimately, I say, stay humble, stay true, but never play it small or dim your light so that others won’t feel insecure or intimidated. Instead, use your light to help inspire others and liberate them toward achieving their full potential, and in the end, post whatever the f*k you want.