New Beginnings

All you have to do is start... Begin again

A new start doesn't necessarily mean we are starting from scratch. Beginning again can simply be an opportunity for bringing new attention or awareness to a pose, to our breath, to a part of our lives. // As a new mom, nowadays, most experiences in my life feel new. It has been very refreshing to see/feel things through a "beginner's mind" and perspective. This new chapter in my life has been about acknowledging that I do not know it all and, in fact, that most of the time I know nothing.

Yoga, has also given me the space to rediscover my Self in new ways. Through my yoga asana I am able to feel how this new body of mine has changed and what has moved, it shows me the places to where my mind drifts, and it allows me to see the beauty of letting each breath be an opportunity to start again whenever I need to in both yoga and throughout my day. 📿