Raising Yogis

Just imagine, for a minute, that you had the opportunity, to learn yoga as a child. Imagine that you learned mindfulness and compassion before you knew about bullying. Imagine that you learned about meditation, breathing, and quieting the mind before you ever took a final or a test. Imagine that you learned self-love and “I am enough” before social media, reality TV, fashion magazines, puberty, and junior high came into your life? Just imagine what our children could do and accomplish if they start now. Imagine our future business owners and innovators having the mindfulness that yoga gives us. Imagine future world leaders, religious leaders, leaders of countries… all practicing ahimsa… Just imagine what they could do if they learned now… #bethechange @texasyogamama 

I remember reading these words by @texasyogamama back in May, a few months before my baby was born. I always knew my baby would know about and possibly “practice” yoga with me… but more so as a default to yoga being a big part of my own life. I figured yoga could be a cool way for us to bond, “play” together, and stay active. But it really wasn’t until I read this post by Jenny that I realized the transcendence that yoga can actually have on our children and for generations to come. That it is not merely about the asana (poses/practice) of yoga, but rather about everything else that comes in between. Because yoga can be so much deeper and transformative; it has the power to impact the way our children view themselves and the world around them. I hope to give my child the opportunity to learn yoga, and that throughout his life he inspires others to do the same. Ultimately, yoga or no yoga, our little ones are always watching and learning from us, and I choose to hopefully always be an example of love.

ErikaRuiz - RaisingYogis