Yoga and Motherhood

I am proud of many things in life, but nothing beats being a mother.

Every once in a while I remember to turn on my camera during one of my yoga practices with my baby and I get to capture moments like these. Sometimes these “play” sessions may only last five minutes, but every now and then the stars will align in my favor and I'll manage to squeeze in a longer session in between naps, meals, boobies, dirty diapers, tantrums, playtime, and house chores and we get to yoga for up to twenty or thirty minutes.

I mean in all seriousness, motherhood and making time for anything these days is f*cking hard! It is a true test to selflessness, being patient, and unconditional love. But motherhood has taught me that it is really all about balance. It has also taught me to recognize when it is necessary to delegate or ask for help. I have learned when to say no, or that it is okay to forget about my to do list. But it is moments like these, when I remember to soak in the moments in between, the small ones when no one is watching. Moments that most of the time are incredibly small and futile, and so if you are not all there they will likely be missed. But when you do, when you remember to be present and all there, you get to feel these moments, viscerally, through your whole body and heart. Personally, these are the moments that become engraved into my memory, that fill me up with such joy and gratitude that any feelings of frustration or being overwhelmed subside. And I get to remember what is most important. #beherenow