Yoga Dance

Growing up I was involved in all sorts of dance classes thanks to my mom. From ballet and jazz to hip hop and belly dance, I tried pretty much everything. And I loved it all too. There was something amazing about the connection between body, rhythm, and music that just made me feel free. I stopped dancing after I turned seventeen when I changed cities and started college. Although I tried going to the gym, as well as other fitness classes nothing came close to offering the connection I had once felt with dance. That is, until I found yoga.

The first style of yoga I ever experienced was a Power Vinyasa class with upbeat music and intense flow. I was immediately hooked. Over the past few years, I've come to love all styles of yoga and have a newfound adoration to the rhythm and music of my own breath. 
Recently, I've become interested in an intuitive style of yoga flow and sequencing called #yogadance and I was inspired by the amazing @RebekahLetch to give it a try. 
Although it is still very new to me, I already love the way it feels in my body and especially how freeing it is to simply move viscerally. Just real, raw, and spontaneous movement at home, letting myself truly listen to my heart and body rather than my brain. 

I love to see my practice evolving and growing, and I am so immensely grateful for being able to move and breathe in such a way that deepens the connection to my whole Self. How do you like to flow?

ErikaRuiz - YogaDance