Season of Change and Transformation

We all know that life is dynamic, it is constant movement, nothing is static, and therefore nothing stays the same, everything changes, everything transforms, everything evolves…

It took me some time, mostly because I didn’t know what to say, because I didn’t simply want to share a somber image, because I needed time to process and put into words what had happened here and there, my homes, my heart. 

So now, through meditation I've come to realize the following. The earthquakes in Mexico this September, as well as the hurricanes both here in Houston and in the Caribbean, and the destruction that they created, are a reminder of this constant movement that life has. But with every movement, comes change. And with every change there may be both losses and gains. These losses can be multiple and painful, but above everything else, if we let them, they can be an opportunity for us to resurge, to reconstruct, to discard and let go of anything that wasn't sufficiently firm and well-rooted to remain standing and strong within ourselves. They allow us to shake off the dust and anything else that is useless within us so that we can finally see and make space for what is truly valuable, what doesn’t collapse and fall, what holds and supports us in life: love. Authentic and conscious love, love for oneself, for what we do, for our friends, neighbors, loved ones, and even those who we don’t know. And what better examples of this than both Houston and Mexico throughout these catastrophes? They’ve shown us that despite their losses, love is more alive than ever. Because we see solidarity amongst strangers, from our neighbors, from people that are far away… And that, I think, is a reason to have faith. To trust the universe and not allow ourselves to be overcome by the negative, the unknown, the pain, the overwhelmingness of the destruction. 

Last week, a new season begun. Fall, a season, which very symbolically stands for change and transformation. So it becomes especially important for us to move with that same spirit, to begin moving the pain, the loss, the negative energy so that we can begin to transform it into something new. However, transformation can only occur when we are consciously present in the moment, in the now. Because when we are present and accept our reality as it is, our mind-body is able to open and expand in perfect grace. We allow transformation to flow effortlessly, we are able to let go and surrender, we are able to regenerate new positive energy. Yes. Any kind of change can be painful and even traumatic. But it can also be an opportunity, an open door to something better, but only if we let it. Allow this new season to be season of liberation and metamorphosis. Accept the invitation to thoroughly clean all that is within, to recover what is valuable, to let go of shit, to focus on achieving a life that full. Let’s bravely rescue what truly matters. 

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